The IRS has expanded its on-line account tool. With this tool, taxpayers can obtain up to 18 months of tax payment history, tax balances due, transcripts and other information. . If you have questions regarding the information contained on the transcripts, please call my office at 1888-382-7880 for a free confidential consultation.

Don’t be Scammed IRS WARNS

The IRS will never call taxpayers without prior contact and Demand Immediate Payment. A new scam is linked to the Eletronic Federal Payment System (EFTPS). The scammer calls taxpayers and claims that certified letters were sent to the taxpayer but were returned undeliverable. The scammer then demands immediate payment through a prepaid debit card.  The iRS always sends a bill, before demanding payment.

If you have received a letter from the IRS and are not sure what to do, please call my office at 1888-382-7880.

Innocent Spouse Relief Granted Despite Taxpayer Filing Wrong Form

The taxpayer separated from her husband and then filed a head of household return and claimed a refund.  Prior to the separation the taxpayer had filed joint returns with a balance due. The taxpayer intending to  file an Innocent Spouse form instead mistakingly filed  Form 8379 (Injured Spouse Allocation). Since it was the wrong form the IRS denied the request. Years later, she filed the correct form 8857 (Innocent Spouse). The case went to Court and the taxpayer won. The Court said even though it was the wrong form  it gave the IRS sufficient notice of her claim.

What’s important to take away from this case, is that TAXPAYERS should always file their returns, requests for relief etc, even if they file a wrong form. By filing returns, and IRS forms this preserves your rights. Too many times taxpayers unsure of what to do, then DO NOTHING! Which only leads to further problems.

If you have questions about your tax situation, Don’t be afraid to call for a Free Confidential Consultation 1888-382-7880.

Source: Practictioners Tax Action Bulletin No 2017-12 6/27/17