The IRS recently announced that the end of year budget deal will cause the IRS start date for
accepting returns to be moved to January 30, 2013. No returns, electronic nor paper will be processed before that date. The government also announced that major tax software companies were currently accepting the returns, and warehousing or holding them until the arrival of January 30, 2013. Refunds, should be issued in nearly most of the cases within 21 days of receipt. The status of the refund can be checked on and use “Where’s My Refund” tool.

Obviously, the IRS had no control over the timing of the budget deal and its effect on the tax
code. The Service’s continued movement towards electronic filing and customer inquiry has made the filing and processing of returns easier and quicker. However, the code continues to be even more and more complex. Attempts to simplify it were raised by the politicians in the latest budget negotiations. They were unsuccessful. The tax code still remains contained in two very large volumes comprising nearly 3000 pages.