1. Golden Rule of Tax Tips: Always file your return on time, even if you owe.

2. It is always better to be represented by a professional when dealing with the IRS or NYS Tax Dept..The government representatives are trained to take advantage and get the best deal for the government not the tax payer.

3. A trained private tax representative knows the best way of defending the taxpayer and moving to a solution and using a strategy which is suitable for the specific taxpayer.

4 Working with an attorney and not a CPA or an Enrolled Agents provides Attorney-client@ privilege that is confidential which is not true for the CPA. A CPA can be forced to testify against you in Court.

5. You should always file your tax return even if you cannot afford to pay. Failure to file can lead to jail. We continually represent non-filers and none have gone to jail.

6. Tax Protesters, and famous or well-known people are often the subject of IRS prosecution. i.e. Wesley Snipes.

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