Typical NYC Small Business/ Restaurant Case Situation 

  1. Failure to Pay New York Sales Tax – New York Sales Tax is a tax collected at a point of sale in retail businesses in the amount of 8.875%. Typically in the restaurant business, businesses get behind on their bills and instead of not paying their suppliers or employees, which is not really an option in many cases and in order to stay in business, they fall behind on the sales tax.
  2. Failure to file Monthly/Quarterly Sales Tax Returns The next event that occurs with cases, is that the owner now behind on the taxes, then fails to file the quarterly returns.
  3. The Visit and White Card from NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance- Usually a Tax Department Field Agent will make a personal visit to the business or business owner’s place of business. A field card with the agent’s name and phone number and case number will be left.
  4. Demand for immediate Payment or Threaten of Seizure – The Agent will make a demand for full-payment or a large down payment; usually beyond the immediate means of the taxpayer business or threaten levy or seizure of the business.
  5. Taxpayer Partially Complies or Complies and new Immediate demands are made- The business may have owed $100,000 in sales tax and had 2 unfiled returns for an additional $50,000. For a total of $150,000 owed. A demand is made by the Tax Agent for an immediate $25,000 which is complied with by the taxpayer. Then an additional demand, perhaps $15,000is made by the Tax Agent. The taxpayer not knowing what to do, short on cash,  believing he has no options, agrees. The business owner cannot keep the agreement.
  6. The Deadline is about to Pass, when Taxpayer Realizes he needs help! He may call his Accountant or CPA who is inexperienced or afraid of the tax department.
  7. Things do not turn out the Way he is Hoping. Instead he is locked into a very Frightening Situation.
  8. At the Last Minute, bank accounts nearly frozen, as well as the credit card machine receivables, he decides to call for Professional Help 1-888-382-7880. The Law Office of Daniel M. Silvershein, to help unlock the bank account, the credit card machine or even the front door.
  9. Working as your Attorney, we negotiate a plan to get you back on track. But of course, for the plan to work, you must keep up your end of the bargain.
  10. So Call Today for Free Consultation. 1-888-382-7880. Do NOT WAIT IF YOU HAVE A  SALES TAX CASE BECAUSE NEW YORK STATE TAX WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU.