Tax Strategy LP

The first step is to realize that your tax problems exists and will not go away on its own. It will only grow like a weed with the potential to destroy your garden of savings, investments and businesses.

Once you admit that it will take experienced professional help that will have options that the average taxpayer may not be aware of.

The tax department has attorneys working for them
You should too!

Plan of Action

  • Understand that the problem is serious and will require professional help
  • Meet with a professional tax attorney to provide background information
  • The attorney will analyze the situation and the options available
  • Then a Plan of Action is put into place

Looking for a Manhattan Tax Attorney? I am New York City Tax Lawyer with 20 years of experience

It’s difficult, frustrating and can bring chaos to your entire professional and personal life. If you’re having IRS problems, even cashing a check may be difficult. In an effort to recover taxes they feel are owed, the IRS has numerous legal rights and an army of lawyers to pursue them to the fullest extent allowed.

They have the right to freeze your bank accounts, place a lien on your house, interview your neighbors about your activities and even assign an agent to follow you around. Your life is not your own.

How the Law Offices of Daniel Silvershein Can Help Solve Your IRS Problems

The good news is that whatever your tax-paying history, you, too, have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal – your legal rights. One of the most important is the right to have legal representation, such as the Law Offices of Daniel Silvershein, to pursue your interests to the fullest extent of the law. A lawyer often can save you far more money than you would imagine.

After talking with you in-depth about your tax situation, the Law Offices of Daniel Silvershein can determine what is best for you. With our experience and guidance, you may be able to take advantage of special IRS programs to lower your payment, including:

  • Offer-in-compromise, which allows settlement of older tax liabilities at a significantly reduced figure or wipes them out entirely.
  • Discounted Settlement, which allows negotiation of a substantially lesser tax liability than actually owed.
  • Reduction Of Penalties, which saves you money and payment of interest on interest.
  • Convenient Payment Schedule, which allows arrangement of tax payments that are practical and sensible for you, not the IRS.
  • Bankruptcy, which will allow you to wipe out your entire IRS debt. If you are eligible, in some cases, this may be your best option.

You Won’t Even Have to Talk to the IRS

Talking through your problems with the Law Offices of Daniel Silvershein during our free consultation is the first step to ending your IRS difficulties. At that time, we can tell you what to expect and give you an idea of our reasonable fees.

As your legal representative, the Law Offices of Daniel Silvershein will personally handle all IRS contact, including correspondence, telephone conversations and meetings. You’ll never even have to speak with IRS agents. And you’ll enjoy our personal commitment to the success of that case. Our dedication to meeting our clients’ needs distinguishes us from our peers.

Our offices are centrally located near Times Square and accessible by major subway lines. Or, meet with us in our Englewood Cliffs, N.J. office. Call today at 1-888-382-7880 to get the help you deserve.